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Let’s face it, we all will face some sort of limitation at some point during our life. When it comes to physical fitness, there are all kinds of different things that can limit us. 

As most of you know, I had a really dumb fall about 7 weeks ago, and tore some of my labrum and damaged some cartilage in my shoulder.  Immediately after the injury, I just wished for a time machine, to go back and not fall. It was so dumb. My thought process then went to how this was going to affect my work at FITT-RX and my own fitness routine.  I’m someone who has to work really hard to maintain my strength and physique, it does not come easily for me. I was so terrified of losing all the strength and time that I have worked for years to achieve.

That’s when it first dawned on me. It took me years to get to where I am now, and it won’t go away overnight. I came to accept that I would have to be patient, let my body heal, respect the process it is going through and just slow down a bit. 

I would need to get creative with coming up with workouts for myself. 

I would take time to focus on other muscle groups that weren’t affected. 

I would allow my body some much needed rest and recovery time.

Limitations can come in many forms, including injury, pregnancy, the illness of a loved one, emotional stress, intimidation when it comes to starting an exercise routine, just to name a few. 

These things will happen to all of us at some point, and push us off course, or stand in our way.  

My limitation has made me remember what my body is capable of, and to be grateful for that. I’ve never been more jealous of everyone else doing pushups, seriously!!

It has also reminded me that nothing happens overnight, whether it’s building muscle, or healing an injury, or recovering from having a baby, it’s a process that requires patience and commitment. 

It’s great to remember the big picture, the long run, NOT the fact that you can’t lift that 25lb dumbbell over your head anymore!  And keep supporting each other! We are all just trying to be good humans, raise good humans, have the best life we can. I’ve felt very supported by my Fitt community during this phase, and it’s been tremendously helpful. Don’t let the limitations you face get the best of you, you are strong and capable, no matter what. 

Bridget Draz, FITT-RX

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