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Meet Rob Halberg

What brought you to FITT-RX?
(Credit Mark Ziehr for doing some wonderful marketing/PR as he was one of the reasons I tried FITT-RX). Our daughters had gymnastics at the Wagner center on Sat mornings so I’d often sit around with Mark talking about golf (mainly how I would beat him every time we played…but I digress). At any rate, I used to think a productive Saturday morning included either a 7:00 am tee time or successfully getting me and my kids out of bed and to the Wagner center by 8:20.  Mark used to joke that he found a way to do all that AND get a real good workout in before 8am.  After weeks of badgering me, he convinced me to drop by the Sat 7am class and give FITT-RX a try. Never mind that he conveniently forgot to mention that the class was called, “Advanced TRX Boot Camp“. Outside of golf, there was not much I would consider doing that early on a Saturday but considering it was Winter and I needed to get my “Sitin Bits, built by Miller Lite” (a recent term I heard ….thanks for that Rob Larson and Megan Sandilands) in shape, I gave it a try.  All kidding aside, it ranks as one of the best decisions I’ve made!
As you celebrate your 3 year Anniversary at FITT-RX, do you notice any physical changes since you began?
Its hard to believe it’s been 3 years since my first Sat AM class…and that I have still not quite forgiven Mark for not telling me my first class would be “Advanced TRX Boot Camp“! My first class turned into another and then another. Before I knew it, FITT-RX was part of my Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday or Sunday routine. One class was better than the next and the trainers, not to mention my fellow work out companions motivated me to come back and try new classes. My wife, family and friends are tired of me telling them that I wish I had found this place sooner.  The results have been great and I’ve noticed tremendous change. It’s helped my golf game and waist line. Kind of nice to go into the cleaners to have them TAKE IN the waist line of my suits…a few times over the last 3 years.  Honestly, I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life yet I know there is more to do. I’m thankful the staff at FITT-RX has been there to help me along the way and continues to support my efforts. FITT-RX played an incredible role in the spring /summer of 2015 to help me deal with a little stress as my wife battled some serious health issues. FITT-RX was my crutch to help burn off some stress and worry. It felt so good to have a few hours out of the week to sweat away some stress.  The support and atmosphere was unmatched and I know there is no other place on this planet that would have made me feel the way I did (and still do) when I came to class.
What sets FITT-RX apart from other gyms you have tried in the past?
I knew what I didn’t want in a gym and I’ll be honest, had no idea what to expect when I walked through the FITT-RX doors. The TRX straps hanging from the ceiling, pull up bar and bench press, the damn rowing machines staring at me…almost taunting me if you will (I swear they still do that to this day). Spin bikes, medicine balls, bosu thing a ma gigs (more on these later) and Kettle Bells that look so innocent. Evil instruments you might say but things I’m no longer afraid of anymore (well sort of not afraid of)!!  FITT-RX, is just right. The trainers are fantastic and know how to challenge you. The people are amazing. Nobody cares how much you lift, how you look or what your heart rate level was throughout class. The trainers help guide you and provide the proper amount of incentive or encouragement when needed.  As for my fellow
FITT-RX classmates, they are the best. I am impressed with each and every one of them and noticed some crazy good changes and progress.  I’m fortunate to consider them all my FITT-RX friends.
How do you find work-life balance?
We all have busy schedules and I know I’ve used that as an excuse in the past as to why I couldn’t work out. I think the team at FITT-RX does a great job of scheduling things all throughout the day and early evening. I especially like the the newer evening hybrid classes where you can drop in anytime between a 1 1/2 hour block. For me, I knew that if I really wanted to make a change, something was going to give.  Enter the 5:30am classes (5:15am on Friday).  Three years ago, only golf would have motivated me to get out of bed for some exercise. Now, 5:30am classes are part of my routine.  I never thought I would look forward to attending a class that early especially when it involved balancing on a bosu ball while doing weighted squats. Great people, fun workouts and a tremendous start to the day.  Those times aren’t for everyone and you are not chastised for not being part of the early crew.  There are plenty of good classes throughout the day and evening…not to mention 1 on 1 personal training opportunities to fill your workout card. In short, just show up and you’ll never regret the choice. If your lucky, you’ll have the trainers try and convince you that the soreness post workout is known as “Good Hurt,”a Danny Skelly favorite.
Any recommendations to other men considering group fitness classes or training sessions?
There is so much variety and the trainers do a great job of selecting programs that will challenge all participants. Plus, there are enough weights at multiple levels from which to choose from to amp up your workout. Got a group of guys that you want to train with, just ask one of the trainers and get ready for some tough stuff. I’ve made strides to improve my overall health and met some really fantastic people at FITT-RX. I’m very proud to be a part of such a cool local joint that has made working out fun. Thanks Team FITT-RX.
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