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I have been training with Megan Sandilands for almost 4 years. My goals were to build strength, flexibility and stamina; basically keep my body moving as I continued through middle age. Megan has helped me achieve these goals and more than I ever thought possible in a fun and challenging way.

After a couple of years, my husband; a runner, a stair master expert, routine kind of guy, decided to give personal training a try. He thought he was in pretty good shape until he met Megan. Megan introduced him to the benefits of cross training including box jumps, burpees, squats and all the rest. He is now hooked and attends other classes offered at FITT-RX (now FITT 60126). With Megan, and the other trainers, there is always an alternative to an exercise. The focus is on the importance of doing an exercise correctly and then build on the difficulty level.

Megan shows up every day happy, energetic, and ready to motivate. She is creative with her work out; giving thought to how your day may have been or what you worked on the days before.

We couldn’t ask for a better person to keep us moving. Megan is great at her job and an inspiration to all her know her.

My husband and I will occasionally play the “would you rather game.”

“Would you rather give up wine or working out with Megan ?”

“Would you rather give up going out to dinner or working out with Megan?”

Megan wins EVERY time!

–Mary and Tom