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How/why did you start coming to FITT?
Dave: I have a good friend at work who started getting in shape, and I am a little competitive (you will notice a theme) and couldn’t have him in better shape than me. I found I train much harder in a class setting, trying to out work others in class, than working out on my own. Started going to Jen’s Dude Training classes on Thursday night, and didn’t know anybody in class. Jen paired me up with Henry and I have been trying to keep up with him (unsuccessfully) ever since.
Dena: Dave started going to FITT and he thought I would like the classes, so I gave them a try and was hooked. I was running a lot at the time, and doing very little, if any strength training. I’d had some nagging running injuries and knew from my bouts in physical therapy that strengthening my core could help me be a healthier runner. 
In terms of diet/exercise, Dave and I try to be good role models for our 3 teenage daughters, so frequently going to FITT helps us out with that too. And hopefully shows them that there is great community to be had outside of a social media account.
How have your fitness goals changed over the last 10 years?
Dave:  I have had to change thing up over the last few years. I am finding I need a little more recovery time from the strength classes, but I still like to work out every chance I can get, so I have been adding in more cardio spin classes to give my back a break.
Dena: I definitely had more running-related fitness goals 10 years ago. While I still enjoy running, today I feel like I have a better overall balance of cardio, core and strength work. My goal right now is to consistently work out at least 5 days/week.
Rumor has it you are moving to Fort Collins, Colorado. Tell us more about your new adventure.
Dave’s company is transferring us out to Ft Collins this Summer. The mountains, Rocky Mountain National Park, skiing, Red Rocks, 300+ days of sunny weather, plenty of brewpubs and lower taxes, what is there not to like? Looking forward to getting more skiing in and learning how to ski the moguls. It will be tough leaving our FITT family and finding a new gym.
If you two were in a fitness competition, who would win?
Dave: You wouldn’t know it, but we get kind of competitive with each other at the gym. We tend to work out in separate rooms. But I would put my money on Dena, she usually slows down to let me finish with her when we run.
Dena: I think it depends. Do we get rated on form (laughing)? He may be right about the running, but I think he’s got me beat in the strength department and I think he has some freaky biking endurance. We went on a bike tour through Maine’s Acadia Nat’l Park in September, and the grand finale was a 3.5 mile climb (thank you Lindsay, Stacy and Mindi for all those hills in spin class) up Cadillac Mountain (at 1,530 feet). And I hate to say it, but Dave easily beat me to the top.
What do you and your family like to do in your free time?
Lately it’s all been around preparing for all our new adventures, moving to Colorado and choosing schools for the girls. We love the outdoors, so it will be fun seeing and experiencing a new part of the country. Live music is another favorite, so we try to get out to concerts when we can. And we always look forward to our next family vacation.
How would you describe FITT60126 to a new client?
If you are looking for a gym with challenging workouts and a great community this is the place. The trainers do a great job accommodating all fitness levels. And the camaraderie can’t be beat!
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