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Saying Goodbye to my 20’s

In a few days I will officially be an adult. It wasn’t the wedding, or being pregnant, or getting off my dad’s cell phone plan (though that’s a real close second) that makes me feel like an adult. It’s the fact that I’ll be out of my 20s and turning 30 on Sunday. Birthdays are always a good time to reflect on the year and readdress goals. For example, when I turned 28 and Jen decided to reflect on her own life and said “hmm what was I doing when I was 28? Oh right, I opened FITT-RX” like a total show off.

As I reflect on my goals, I have realized how much my fitness goals have changed throughout the years. Up until college, I worked out because a coach was telling me to. Exercise was just like going to school. It was something that I was told to do and had to be done. As I got to college, I realized that I had to discipline and motivate myself to workout. (Those beer calories weren’t going to melt themselves off.) Throughout most of my 20’s, my motivation to workout was purely for my body image. I had to diet for spring breaks, or summer vacations, or my wedding. There were specific events that kept me going…until I got pregnant.

After having Riley, my outlook on fitness has totally changed and it’s for the better. I have always enjoyed how it made me feel, but I never truly appreciated the “me time” aspect until Riley. Those 30 or 50 minutes I get to myself during class is what gets me through the day. Honestly, sometimes my only motivation to workout is the fact that Riley is bored at home and someone else can watch her for 50 minutes. Thank you to the amazing ladies in Katie Kare!

My fitness goals for my 30’s are less about how I look and more about how I feel. I want to work out to have enough energy to get through the day with a child who loves to climb anything and everything and never EVER stops moving. I also want to work out so that I can enjoy the glass of wine after putting the energizer bunny to bed. My ultimate goal is to stay happy and healthy and be a good role model for Riley and any future kids and that mental switch has made it so much easier to stay motivated. Here’s to “adulting” and continuing a happy and healthy life through working out. I’m sad to say goodbye to my 20s, but I’m looking forward to what my 30’s have in store for me!


–Amy Pyne, Personal Trainer and Fitness Trainer at FITT-RX

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