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Tell us a little about yourself

I grew up in India and came to the US for grad school and have been here since. My parents still live in India but my sister is here in the US. I do travel back to India frequently to go visit my parents and extended family. As of last year, I’ve lived in the US longer than I have in India. My childhood was spent in India and most of my adult life has been in the US. Both have shaped who I am and I would not change anything about it. The world needs to continue being a place that allows people to grow how they want and where they want – It helps us all be better human beings.

What brought you to FITT-RX?

Over the years, I had been to the traditional big box gyms – the atmosphere there did not motivate me and my visits were short-lived.I did try some group classes as well – but probably picked the wrong ones or didn’t see options that worked for me. I have terrible coordination – so I need workouts that use the basics – squats, lunges etc. I used to do those as part of workouts at home, liked that workout style and needed help taking it up a notch. I had seen the FITT-RX sign when I had stopped in at the toy store on York road in front of FITT. Then I noticed the name pop-up in other places and decided to give it a shot. 

I came in for a class one weekend morning, and loved everything about it – the size, the different fitness levels in the same class, the support and coaching, moving at your own pace. Still, I was intimidated and self-conscious for a while because everyone except me seemed to know what they were doing – but I made myself go in on the weekends first and then added on more weekday classes. And now FITT-RX is the first place I go to most mornings.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment(s) so far at the studio? 

I wouldn’t say it is a specific event or goal reached. It’s about continuous growth and setting a new target when one is complete and then chasing the new one – whether it’s moving up in weights or getting on the spin bike more often (sigh ). 
A few years ago I would have thought it insane if you told me I was going to be doing some of the things I am now able to do – it still amazes me! But that’s what the FITT instructors and fellow class mates manage to get out of you!

How do you juggle working full-time and raising a family?

I need structure – so I plan. Everything is on a schedule – my phone has a gazillion reminders on it telling me what I need to do and who needs to be where and when is sign up for whatever it is we have to sign up for! Yes – I am someone’s nightmare.

Some things definitely get easier as the kids get older. The rest is about balance – some days you work late and some days you’re on the early train back to get to a game or conference. I’m lucky my job allows for that.
What is a must is finding time for myself to stay sane. For me, that is coming to FITT-RX early in the morning – no one is making any demands of me at 5:30 am. If they are, I choose not to know – no reminders at 5:30. That is my time to do something good for myself and it helps me get through the day.

The “bros” at FITT-RX have stated you are a BEAST! How do you feel about this title?

Ha ha! Seriously?! BEAST – Wow. Given where I think this is coming from – I humbly accept! However, it’s the “bros” and “gals” that provide a lot of the motivation and (friendly – ahem) competition to keep working hard. What a bunch of Type A people – sheez. Now I have to go find a shirt that says BEAST!

Any funny or interesting moments at FITT-RX you would like to share?
They just don’t stop. But that’s part of the reason why I can say I really enjoy working out here.
And it’s not just the regulars who provide the Comedy Central worthy performance – the instructors keep it exciting too – especially on the (very, very rare) occasion that one or two may or may not have shown up for the 5:30 am class. (No names will be mentioned and we still worked out)

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