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What inspires your drive to FITT-RX from a different town at 5:30am?

My answer is simple … the trainers, the people, and the post work out feeling ! It is not easy to wake up at 4:45 am! I have it down to a science! It takes me 22 minutes to get to the studio! My ride home is very enjoyable. I drink coffee and listen to sports radio ( 670 the score ). I’m a huge Sports fan. Love the Bears , Hawks, Cubs… and even the Sox!

What are a few of your favorite hobbies?

I am a huge sports fan!

I took up golf 3 years ago. I’m hooked. I love golf. Love working on my game, which is a work in progress. I bought new driver this year. I named it “Rickie ” after Rickie Fowler. Lol!

I love to travel. Next up Maui and Ireland/Scotland. My mother and I did the Alaskan cruise last year. I highly recommend putting this on your travel list. It was amazing. 

Unsure if this is a hobby but I love love love being an Aunt! I really enjoy spending time with them and attending their activities. My nephew Jack plays hockey for the River Dogs and my niece Anna is on a synchronized ice skating team, Chicago Skates. Donny is 3 and he is starting hockey. I never miss a game or performance. When I see my niece perform I cry. I also cry a little when Jack takes the ice ! They all make me so proud! 

You look gorgeous for your age. What are your beauty secrets?

Wow! Thank you!

Wash your face and moisturizer! Also use sunscreen. Always use eye cream. None of this needs to be pricey. Just do it! 

It’s no secret I love makeup. I worked for Clinique part time for many years. Loved it. Loved selling lipstick. Ladies, always wear something on your Lips. It makes you look brighter and makes your eyes ” pop “. It can be lip balm, tinted balm, gloss, or lipstick. I love lipstick. My current favorite is Bobbie Brown Crushed lipstick in Telluride. It’s essentially a long wearing tinted balm. I love the color, texture, and the name. I mean who doesn’t want to hang out in Telluride?!? Also always wear a bronzing powder. Bronzer goes on your cheeks , forehead and down the bridge of your nose. Bronzer gives you a natural glow. Once you try it you will know what I mean!

You recently celebrated your 7th year at the studio. What keeps you coming back?

Wow! 7 years?!?! I enjoy the variety of classes, the trainers, and the people. I also have seen results mentally and physically. I have a stressful job. Starting my day on a positive note helps me have a more productive day. Fitt is a ” judgement free zone “. In the beginning I was intimidated but that went away almost immediately. I am constantly challenged by the trainers to work harder and improve my form. ” Really Michelle? You need a heavier weight ! Now ! ” Antonette knows my ” love hate ” relationship with running. Lindsay knows my ” hate hate ” relationship with burpees ! They never let me slack. Encourage me to do my best whatever that is that day.

Do you have any favorite moments at the studio?

My birthday burpees this year! Lindsay grabbed me while walking out the door and a few regulars stayed and we did ” 48 ” burpees. Wow! I was flattered!
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