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Getting to know Michelle and Mike Milani
What brought each of you to FITT-RX? 
Michelle: Jen! I needed to find something different when my feet started having issues and I couldn’t run long distances anymore. So I signed up
for a class at Courts and met this crazy blond instructor who introduced me to TRX. I loved it – even in the Courts Plus rock-climbing dungeon, I
knew TRX was for me. When Jen opened FITT, I was ecstatic – I’m now
hooked on group exercise classes at FITT (as long as I’m not stuck in themirror room). 
Mike: I usually take my 22 year old Jeep because Michelle has the “nice”

You are both part of the “1,000 Club.” What has kept you here all of
these years?
We enjoy working out at FITT because you can always get a good
workout – if you are willing to put the work in. The variety of the classes is also great because it not only keeps things fresh, but also allows you to cross-train and build a workout program that fits with your interests. But that’s not what keeps us coming back to FITT – because we could
probably say the same thing if we joined the new FFC. The reason we are part of the 1,000 club, and hope to become members of the 2,000 club, is
that we love the community FITT’s instructors and clients create. Since
we don’t go to bars much, FITT is essentially our “Cheers” and it’s great to go “where everybody knows your name.”  

Mike has been deemed as “King of the Bikes” and Michelle as “Queen of TRX.” How do you feel about these titles? Any reason you gravitate toward these pieces of equipment?
Michelle: First of all, I think you just made up those “titles” for this interview; no one has deemed us anything. But I do gravitate toward TRX for
the variety and challenge. Who wants to do a boring push-up or plank
when instead you could push-up or plank in the straps? (eye roll Corey) I also enjoy TRX because I’m so much better at it than Mike and he knows it.

Mike: I will spare you my sob story about having 2 paper routes when I was a kid, but I grew up riding my bike a lot, so I’m somewhat
preconditioned for being good at spin. Also, anyone who has seen me
“sprint” to Elijah’s or run around the block knows that I am not built for speed. So, I tend to do better at workouts that require a concentrated,
steady, long-term effort, as opposed to bursts of speed.     

Do either of you feel guilty if one of you comes to class and the other does not?
That depends on why the other one of us (usually Mike) is not coming to class. If it’s because he is headed to work on the 5:30 train then, I feel
sorry for him. If it’s because he is lying in bed, then I feel he is lazy, weak,
and pathetic.

Do you have any early morning or weekend rituals (it has been noted you both tend to drive separately to the studio on Sunday mornings and grocery shop with separate carts after class)?
I don’t think anyone wants to know about Mike’s early morning “ritual,” but we do drive separately on Saturdays because the spin class is 10
minutes longer than TRX Bootcamp and Michelle is very impatient when it comes to waiting for him (or anything else for that matter). With
regard to Jewel, Mike takes his own cart because he buys things that
Michelle doesn’t want people to think she eats. And everyone knows
when you run into someone at the grocery store, the first thing you do is look at what’s in their cart and then judge them by what’s in it.  

You are known as the “silent couple.” What goes through your heads as you workout? 
-I hate this song but I don’t want to be rude so I’ll just wait for Corey.  
-I miss Stacy and Kate.·  I’m not comfortable doing glute bridges
in public.  
-If Henry leaves Spin Boot early every time, does he really have more
total workouts than me? 
-Where are the least amount of sweat
drips so I can do my burpees and not be grossed out?·  
-If I had arrived one minute earlier, I could have saved Rob Halberg’s
-Pound for pound, Aarti is stronger than any of these guys…
-Lisa does really great high knees; I hate high knees.
– Sarah better not switch to the yellow kettlebell, because then I’ll have to switch…
Mike·  When will Rob Martinelli shut the hell up? 

What are your favorite and least favorite exercises?
Michelle:Favorite – TRX side planksLeast favorite – high knees 
Mike:Favorite – Pretty much everything, except what Lindsay makes me
Least favorite – Pretty
much everything that Lindsay makes me do
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