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Mulling over possible topics for this blog, I kept thinking, “what do I know about fitness that offers value to readers”?  Well, if the last, ahem, “many” years of exercising (on and off) have taught me anything – it’s how to best get back on track after falling off the fitness wagon!  Life happens – we get injured, travel, have babies, get sick, take on more at work, it’s summer, the holidays, etc. or sometimes we just fall out of the exercise habit.  Whatever.  Happens to everyone and like most things, it’s how you react to falling off the wagon that matters most.



  1.  Compare apples to apples.  Wouldn’t it be nice to return to the gym in the same shape as when you left off?  Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen for most of us.  Lamenting how much more weight you lifted, fast you ran/spun or rowed before your hiatus – and how much weaker, slower etc. you are now does you no good.  Besides, who cares?  In time, you’ll get back to that level!  Lower your expectations. Give yourself permission to do what your body can do now, and don’t beat yourself up about where you were pre-break.  Know your limits, do what is right for YOUR body, today.


  1.  Openly commit to your return – out loud, online – to someone!  Text your friend that you will meet her at the gym, the class, the park, whatever.  Pre register for a Fitt Rx class – no canceling!  Join a running group, such as those offered at Fleet Feet. Tell your spouse your plan for your next workout.  Facebook, Instagram, Tweet your plan to workout the day before!  Call or text your instructor – let them know to expect you.  I know any instructor at Fitt -Rx would happily give out his/her cell number for just that kind of commitment!  Right, Carrie?


  1.  Try something new and mix it up. Dance. Spin. Yoga. Lift. Run. Pilates. Row. Box. Circuit.   So many choices!  Who knows? You may find something new to love.


  1.  Reward/Retail therapy – let’s face it – a new pair of kicks, yoga pants or cute workout tank helps makes the re-entry a little less painful (at least mentally!).


  1. Plan ahead. Mark your workouts in your calendar, reserve that time for yourself. Layout or pack your gym clothes the night before.  No excuses.  Nothing says “Good morning-Let’s get after it!” like seeing your Nikes and jog bra waiting for you first thing when you wake up.


  1. Revisit your “why”. Over time, what motivates us to workout changes. Losing weight, getting back to prepregnancy fitness, setting a good example for the kids, improving your mood, fighting father time – the reasons to exercise are as individual as we are.  List your reasons in your phone.  Refer to it when you would rather sleep in than take Lindsay’s Saturday 7am Spin class.


So, whenever you find yourself needing to get back on track, know that you’re not alone.  And Fitt-Rx is here to help you get back at it!

Written By:  Stacy Krueger
Certified Pilates Instructor, Indoor Rowing Coach, Spin Certified

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