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Kim Warren and Family

The last time you saw Kim at FITT-RX she was 39.5 weeks pregnant performing jumping jacks, squatting on a bosu ball, and rocking push-ups. Kim and her family recently welcomed their third little girl into the world and she is already excited to get back to her exercise routine.

What brought you to FITT-RX? I was looking for a place to take prenatal classes when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I started with prenatal training sessions at FITT and then after about a year or so, began attending the Saturday morning TRX class. 

How did exercising throughout your pregnancy help? I have always enjoyed exercising and being active and wanted to continue while pregnant. With all my pregnancies, I struggled with nausea for the first 4-5 months, and I found working out often helped me feel better or at least took my mind off feeling so lousy for an hour! As I got further along in my pregnancies, FITT’s instructors and trainers were great about helping me modify exercises to keep it safe. I think exercising throughout really helped with how good I felt, especially as I got bigger and more uncomfortable, and also with recovery, which is huge! 

What were your biggest motivators to continue working out at a higher intensity during your last trimester? I had been running and attending classes at FITT regularly prior to this last pregnancy and was in my strongest/best shape (compared to the other two), so that definitely helped in keeping up working out at that level all the way to the end. I had to do a lot of modifications during my last trimester and made sure to listen to my body on how hard I could push myself and when to ease up. The variety of classes offered at FITT and the community too – it’s such a fun and welcoming place to come workout and I received a lot of encouragement from everyone – trainers, class instructors, and other clients.  

Which class do you look forward to taking each week? Saturday morning Advanced TRX! It was the first class I attended regularly at FITT and is a great example of what an amazing community it is from instructors to trainers to clients. The class is fun, always different and really challenges you.  

You work with our personal trainer, Antonette, once a week. What are your favorite aspects of training one-on-one? Training sessions are tailored to you, so while pregnant, this was really beneficial because I knew Antonette was putting together full workouts I could do at that stage of pregnancy and gave me ideas for modifications to use during other classes if there was an exercise or two I was unable to do. Outside of pregnancy, training one-on-one really gives you the opportunity to push yourself and build more strength and endurance, or whatever you want to work on. Antonette always makes our sessions together fun, but never easy!  

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