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Spring Cleaning

The weather has finally turned for the better! The sun is out, the temps are climbing. Classes will soon feature more outdoors efforts like running, wallballs along the bricks, maybe some walking lunges down the alley! Bonus: Your membership now upgrades to include some vitamin D as you lap the alley/York block between weight reps.

Now is the time to do the preverbal “Spring Cleaning” of your fitness life. New Year’s resolutions have come and gone, lake house season is coming and now is the time to be outdoors.

Some things you can assess or try to make this sprint to summer a more successful and enjoyable one …

• Clean up your nutrition – with sunny days comes better moods. I know that I personally have a very hard time sticking to a healthful food plan when it’s cloudy, gloomy and cold out. But something about daylight and sunshine make choosing the healthful foods a lot easier and more appealing. The kitchen is where many people fall short of their fitness goals; now is the time to take a look at your daily nutrition and make some positive changes.

• Sleep more – sleep is very underrated. Napping (which I do every Tuesday and Thursday according to Rob) is undervalued too. Sleep helps your body recover from hard workouts, refreshes the joints and muscles and generally improves overall mood. Get some sleep so you make the most of your awake hours and are ready to roll when the sun comes up.

• Try something new – with the warmer season, many of our classes will include outdoor components. Don’t be afraid to take a Sunday morning class which may or may not include a decent amount of running laps and the parking garage ramps *cough* May 13 *cough.* Or, really see where your spin legs and general cardio fitness is at and join Team FITT-RX for the American Lung Association’s “Fight For Air Ride” on June 9 & 10!

• Meditate – maybe you’ve crossed your i’s and dotted your t’s on everything above and are just looking for something different for your wellness spring cleaning.

In that case, check out one of my new favorite apps — Fortnite … kidding, wrong blog … Headspace. Headspace is a very easy-to-use meditation app that has several options to guide your meditation. Whether you want to sleep more, reduce anxiety, be more focused or just give yourself some moments to hit pause, Headspace can make it happen.

• Treat Yo Self! Maybe you’ve been killing it while the rest of us have been hibernating. Now is the time to reward yourself with some new workout clothing. Winter was long, “sleeves are for nerds” and suns out guns out. Show off the weights you’ve been lifting and the burpees you’ve been busting. Get some new clothes, because after all: “look good, feel good, FITT good.”

Spring has finally sprung, get out there and have some fun with your fitness!


–Andrew Phillips, FITT-RX Trainer and Instructor

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