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The “Empty” Nest

My recent days have been filled with the following questions: “How does it feel to be an ‘empty nester’?”  “What are you going to do now that both your kids are going to be away at college?”  These questions stir excitement, fear and disbelief. How can I possibly be at this point in my life already?

The fear…what will it be like for Scott and I to be a couple again?  We’ve spent the last 20 years focusing all our energy and time into our two daughters.  Where will that energy go now?  What is my PURPOSE?

Everyone has purpose.  The strong commitment to my family, my friends and my job give me purpose every single day. Sometimes I feel very robotic, going through the motions, fearing change.  But today I took some time to myself and realized how much I need that change.  I need the unknown territory called the “empty nest”.  I want to take risks and explore the life change ahead.  I want to know what “me time” is, and for Scott and I, what is “we time”?  Am I afraid? Of course I am. But fear drives the soul.

“The fears we don’t face become our limits”~Robin Sharma

We all have fears, but we also have courage and faith.  Believing in oneself is so powerful.  Whether it has to do with raising your family, interactions with friends, setting new goals or eliminating self-imposed barriers, we need to step outside of our comfort zones. Trying something new is a fear, but on the other side of that fear is the possibility of having what you most desire.

Lately, I have been putting too much energy into what I don’t have anymore—my kids at home, the family dinners, dancing in the kitchen, the nighttime talks. Today I focus that energy on an unfamiliar adventure, a renewed hope and a strong bond of love and friendship.

Time passes in the blink of an eye. Take some time for yourself today to reflect on your fears. Face them, and don’t be afraid to jump to the “other side” where new experiences are waiting for you.


P.S. No promises that I won’t have meltdowns in the next few months, but unlike Jen, I love hugs.

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