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Rolling with an idea from Stacy Krueger (thank you)…I am fighting for
the right to BRAG!

I’ll start…I would like to brag about the fact that I did the MURPH
workout and a Spartan Race all in the same week. Bam!
Why is “brag” branded as a negative word? Why is it wrong to “pat
yourself on the back”, “sing your own praises”? We work hard to be the
best we can be. To take risks, travel outside our comfort zones, set
high standards. Let’s rejoice in these victories together.

With that being said, I would like to propose a BRAG WALL at FITT.
Send me a picture and a short explanation of your BRAG, and I will
print and hang your triumph on our wall. Brag about a race you just
finished, a meal you created, a craft you did with your kids, a favorite
place you visited. Brag about the fact that you held plank longer than
you ever have, that you did a push up on your toes, that you ran to the
coffee shop without getting winded. Brag about your family, your kids,
your friends, your neighbors. Brag about just being YOU!

Negative thoughts are constantly flooding our minds and robbing us of
our victories, but it’s time to change that. Let’s walk in to FITT every day
and be reminded of all the positives in our lives. Let’s build each other
up, pat each other on the back, sing each other’s praises! We have a
community here that cannot be matched, and I am so proud to be a
part of it. Let’s fill up the wall together.
Please send your BRAG via email: acarf@comcast.net

Antonette Carfagnini, FITT-RX Trainer and Instructor

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