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Last week my oldest child turned 15 and this week my 3rd child turns 11.  These are facts that I cannot change despite my physical and mental prowess, it won’t happen.  Time passes despite my wishes, sometimes I straight up beg for it to stop.

April and May are mentally and physically tough months for me.  Many of you are also in the trenches, where May has turned into some alter-ego of December. There isn’t enough time to do the things I need to do, some days are so gloomy I just want to stay in bed, and the schedule is somehow compacted to seem like we have 2 weeks in the month. There are activities, graduations, parties, games, tournaments, tryouts, obligatory volunteer hours, rain delays, weather cancellations, rescheduled activities into time you don’t have, final projects, concerts, recitals, summer plans to make, camps to pay for, the list is fricking endless.  Now that I think about it, December might actually have an up on May! Come the end of December, my little love nuggets are home for 2 weeks…come the end of May, those little devils are home for 12 whole weeks! Don’t get me wrong, I adore time with my children, but the ferocity of life right now makes summer seem daunting!

A phrase that becomes a common utterance in my house in May is ‘I can’t’. I say it, my kids say it, I think even my confident the world is his stage-husband has even said it.  You see, things start to happen so fast, so overlapped and confusing, that my brain says ‘nope, we can’t do that’. We can’t work out, we can’t have coffee with a friend, we can’t spend some time on ourselves, we can’t say ‘no’ to ONE MORE COMMITMENT! All we CAN do is survive.  

So my Fabulous Fitt Friends, I challenge you this…let’s change our words! For this precious last week in May of 2019 that we will never get to do over, let our words be ‘what if I can?’ What if I can workout? What if I can spend time with a friend? What if I can spend time on myself?  What if I can say no to one more commitment? What if I can use 12 pound weights instead of 10? What if I can do a spin class? What if I can do a TRX push-up? What can you gain by asking yourself ‘what if I can?’. When we start to change our words that we speak to ourselves, we can start to see our true potential.  You see friends, the worst that can happen when you ask yourself ‘what if I can?’ is you actually find out you can’t. Seriously though, that probably isn’t going to happen! Like your high school chemistry teacher told you, providing evidence to support your result is far better than having assumptions. So, stop assuming you can’t, and ask yourself ‘what if I can?’

–Mindi Honken, FITT-RX Instructor

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