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Mike Sammarro

Mike is a DC and MSAC student at National University of Health Sciences.

As New Jersey native, he grew up playing multiple sports before attending Lehigh University, where he earned a degree in biology and played lacrosse. His coaching career began at the age of 17 after starting his own basic lacrosse skills clinic for his community. Being a competitive athlete with a propensity to experiment and play, he has an innate interest with human movement and fervor for fitness (Darwin’s definition), sustained health and continuous self improvement. It’s made him a general practitioner and teacher from a wide variety of specialty pursuits, like weightlifting, gymnastics, yoga, and end-range conditioning. To illustrate, he teaches fiery cartwheel progressions, frequently followed by queuing centrated olympic lift positions to mimic the warrior I pose, all while stressing the importance of eating technicolor vegetables. Physicality is an integral part of the human experience, and Mike wants to help reconnect people with their bodies through the mindful, creative, artistic expression of movement. Mike holds certifications in: ACSM-CPT, BLS provider, and DNS Basic Course A.

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