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I found FITT-RX (now FITT 60126) thru longtime friend Kerry Camden.  We were teammates our entire lives and competed against each other in college.  After college gymnastics my workout routine stopped and kids and family happened.  I would ride an elliptical here and there but missed being part of a team, showing up for practice, and having a coach plan the workout.  Kerry convinced me to come to a Saturday class and I was very nervous about group fitness but sucked it up and then quickly realized how out of shape I was.  I bought a punch card and enjoyed how the classes were a familiar strength/conditioning workout.  Once my youngest was old enough for Katie Kare (and thank you to all the wonderful Katie Kare moms!) I started coming consistently.  I love how the workouts are never the same and the trainers are fun and motivating..  It also helps seeing the same people at class busting their butts which pushes me and has made me feel like an athlete again.

–Megan H