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Don’t Ignore What Your Body Tells You

By: Megan Sandilands

As some of my class participants and personal training clients are aware, I am currently in school studying in a pre-physical therapy program. Coming off a career in radio with a degree in advertising and public relations, I was seemingly crazy to make such a drastic leap. However, when I began personal training and feeling both satisfaction and happiness in helping other people love fitness and get in/stay in shape, my heart was no longer in the entertainment industry.

With my love for fitness also comes with my love for overall health and wellness. Many times I get asked “why do you want to be a physical therapist?” in the same way I get asked “What do you love about being a personal trainer?”. At the end of the day- I could come up with a laundry list for both. However, like I mentioned, it boils down to helping people. I grew up with a mom who is a nurse, so I guess it was always plastered in my mind to help people when they need it, and to assist them in healing. So not only am I passionate about getting people into shape and helping them feel stronger, I also love helping people resolve issues of pains and tightness in their bodies (even if sometimes their soreness is my fault).

One of the biggest mistakes we (myself included) as active people can make is pushing our bodies too far. There is a fine line between pushing your limits, and passing your limits. Feeling a little tired or being a little sore is no reason to skip the gym, but its crucial to be able to recognize if your body is too tired or if that soreness is a little more than just a tight muscle. If you’ve ever rolled across the floor on a foam roller or lacrosse ball at FITT-RX, you understand that it is not the most enjoyable experience you’ll ever have. But those who do it will tell you how beneficial it is. A lot of times after class is finished, all we want to do is head out the door and go on with our day. But understand just a few extra minutes of foam rolling or even just static stretches does a world of help.

When we lift weights, do a lot of cardio, and push through multiple workouts a week, it’s safe to say we will at some point feel sore or weak. Our bodies, besides needing plenty of sleep and good nutrition, need recovery. A lot of that recovery comes from hydration (DRINK ‘YO WATER) and stretching muscles. This will limit the amount of lactic acid buildup in our bodies, which ultimately will (hopefully) help you feel ready for tomorrow’s gym session. It will also help our overall mobility to we can squat lower, run faster, jump higher, pedal harder, etc.

As much as I love you all, I don’t want to see you more than I should at my physical therapy clinic years down the road. You’re already taking amazing steps by staying active and doing both cardio as well as weight training at FITT-RX. Do yourself a favor, stay those extra few minutes after class, stretch out, and help in any way you can to stay injury free and healthy!

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