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In a bit of a panic right now as I don’t know what to blog about. Should it be the upcoming holidays and stress relief through exercise, moderation during the holidays, Antonette’s bad hair mornings?????

But they say write about what you know…. and what I know most right now is that I am a lucky girl.

I’ve had many jobs in my life so far. From waitress, bartender and aerobic instructor to social worker, lawyer and business owner. Currently, I am lucky enough to work as an instructor at FITT–RX (hence this blog!) and at Maxine Handbags & Accessories.

Every week, I witness the tremendous work put in at FITT. There is a climate of encouragement and camaraderie here. Clients form friendships resulting in accountability, which creates consistency – imo, the key to real change. Week in and week out, doing the work. Be it lifting weights, circuit training, rowing, dancing, spinning, boxing, trx, pilates – people put in the work. From the new mom reclaiming her fitness, the middle age folks fighting the demon gravity, young ones getting stronger and faster to help them in their chosen sport, athletes training for races, older folks maintaining their strength or rehabbing from injury – they are all at FITT, gettin’ after it. Getting better, stronger, healthier – through lots of sweat. So naturally, no one looks their best at FITT – if you leave looking good, you didn’t work hard enough. But clients leave with something more valuable, knowing they did something that day to make themselves proud.

And that brings me to my other job, Maxine H&A. Here, I see so many FITT clients reap one of the benefits of the hard work – looking fab in new cool clothes! It truly is a pleasure to help someone put together a new outfit that makes her feel great. To see the increased confidence, the certain smile when you know you look your best. Maybe it’s a sleeveless top for the first time in ages, or going sans spanx in a hot, new dress or the perfect jeans that show off the booty you worked so hard for – – whatever. A new outfit that highlights your hard work is a great reward.

And lucky for all of us, right now, my loves Jen K. and Jen B., have collaborated on a promo: get in 10 workouts at FITT between November 27 – December 10 and get 20% off your entire purchase at Maxine. Now that’s a win-win! So get your sweat on and reap the reward – you deserve it. #girlpower #gettinafterit #shoptillyoudrop

–Stacy Krueger, FITT-RX Instructor

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