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There is a special person behind the scenes of FITT-RX. “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

F First and Foremost, She is Fearless. She works hard, Fights for what She believes in, and stands Firm on helping as many people as She can. She created this FITT Family, a dedicated group of people that not only work out side by side, but work together as a community. She inspires Fairness and encourages her trainers to come up with Fresh, Fun, and Fabulous new workouts. She survived the basement Fire and the basement Flood. She is Funny, Fierce and Feisty (yes, even more than I am) and is truly a one-of-a-kind Friend. Finally, She is Fit and Fabulous and even though She drives me F***-ing crazy, I still love her more than French Fries. (Lie)

I She is Intelligent and has many new Ideas for the studio. She is genuinely Interested in each and every person that walks through the FITT door. Although She is fiercely Independent, She also values her Irreplaceable staff members (raise). Every last detail is Important to her, and has purpose and Intent. She is an Inspirational Instructor, Impressive in her creativity skills. She is Immeasurable. She is my Idol. (I just threw up…)

T She is a Talented Trainer. She works Tirelessly to help her clients reach their goals. She Takes Charge of difficult situations and Thrives under pressure. She is a forward Thinker and has Transformed the studio into a place where people not only come to sweat, but also to share their joys and frustrations in the company of True friends.

T Lastly, She leads a Team of Talented people who have built lasting friendships. We are all Thankful to have a boss that is Truthful and Trustworthy. She is Totally Terrific. (What’s this brown stuff on my nose?)

She is our fearless leader. Happy New Year Jen! All the best for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.



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