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So many times I hear clients (especially women) who can’t lose weight even though they are only eating 1,100 calories per day and they’re coming to FITT-RX 4-6 times a week! Our bodies are amazing, well-oiled machines, when they are properly taken care of. Does your car run well on no oil and low gas? Think of your body the same way.

Protein is needed for muscle regrowth. All of those classes taken at FITT are doing wonders for your muscles, but you need to fuel them. I like to add a protein to every meal or snack I eat to keep me full and energized throughout my day. For example: natural peanut butter with an apple, hummus with veggies, chicken on a salad, etc. You should try and get 0.5 to 1 gram of protein per body pound. If you weigh 120lbs, you should be eating at least 60 grams of protein.

That zero calorie, low fat snack you just had? Unless it’s celery or cucumbers, it doesn’t exist. Scientists are very smart and have created foods with no fat or low calories, but our bodies don’t read them that way. When you swallow that diet soda, the sweet taste makes your body anticipate the calories. When the calories don’t show up, your body gets confused, and triggers your hunger response, sending you looking high and low for those missing calories—and often finding them in a snack bowl.

Our bodies use fat for energy. To get through one of Carrie’s classes (especially Cardio Storm), you are going to need that energy! I’m not saying to grab some donuts and chow down before she makes you do 230 burpees in 12 minutes, but you need to eat some healthy fats. Avocado on a piece of toast with an egg is one of my faves! If you keep eating “fat free” foods (like fat free salad dressings for instance) your body is going to store fat for energy because it doesn’t register any coming in. You will end up heavier and less satisfied.

You work hard during your classes at FITT-RX and you deserve to eat! Your body knows how to process real foods. Eat healthy proteins, enjoy good fats, and even get some good carbs in there too! Try and eat within an hour of working out (healthy carbs and protein) for the full benefits. Your body will use the carbs and protein up instantly.

And lastly, treat yourself. We all know I enjoy my glass or 2 of wine (it’s good for the heart, after all!), and ice cream (um, dairy!). You deserve a treat every now and then! ?

Disclaimer: I have a Sports Nutrition Certification, but am not a Nutritionist or Dietician so these are all recommendations

Written By:
Amy Pyne
ACE Personal Trainer Certification
ACE Sports Nutrition Certification
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

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