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We all can attest that change can be very hard.  And willpower can feel so distant.  So when it comes to changing your life, here are some insightful tips to your mindset and to increase your motivation.

Goal setting is essential…but most importantly when setting those goals we have to make sure that we are hopeful, optimistic and believe that anything and everything is possible!

Sometimes we feel ourselves stuck in a rut; kind of just going through the motions; goals feel like a million miles away.  How do we get through it??

Setting new goals allows us to change everything. The process itself is as basic as it is motivating. It allows us to learn from our past to help better our futures, and gives us a chance to set new standards to become the person we are trying to be. This gives us a new beginning which allows us to try and get better at something.

Most times than not, I find myself rushing for these new goals I have set. We want everything right now.  New goals usually means new obstacles. Most people might feel that some of these obstacles lead us to failure automatically.  I find that new obstacles bring us new challenges which allow us to reach closer to our goals. It can be a battle, but this allows us to become stronger!

Stay competitive within yourself! Setting short term goals makes it easier to attain those long term goals.  This might seem like a joke, but the facts are undeniable.  Countless studies show how making a commitment and preferably writing down your intentions in specific details makes it much more likely that you’ll not only stay on task, but also achieve those goals.

Change can be very tough at times.  It doesn’t start until we can accept the fact that we want to be better!

This can be a long fighting battle in any case, but it’s our approach that is most important.  Accepting that during change there will be battles, but during these battles we get stronger!

Have hope.  Be an optimist.  And believe that anything is possible.  And then tell yourself that when you get knocked down, you will pick yourself back up!

Written By:  Danny Skelly
NASM Personal Trainer

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