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The Legacy Behind Katie Kare


Over the last few weeks, Katie Kare has undergone a few renovations. The kids were excited to see the colorful paint, change in floor and a few new toys added to their collection. Throughout this transformation a handful of parents have asked why this space is called “Katie Kare.” Let me tell you the story…


Katie Langridge was one of the most incredible young women I had the privilege of knowing. At 24 years of age, Katie possessed a love for children that went beyond most young adults. She had a way of capturing their attention and showing them the importance of physical activity. When the studio first opened, Katie led parent/child classes. She understood that kids try to emulate their parents, so she created an environment that was fun and energetic, while emphasizing the importance of health and fitness. What Katie did not realize was that she was creating a legacy.


Four years ago heaven gained an angel, while we sadly lost our beloved Piped Piper. Although Katie left us, her legacy continued as FITT-RX opened “Katie Kare,” a place where children could laugh, play and make new friends as their parents continued to workout on their own. Ask any kid that has been in Katie Kare what their Mommy or Daddy is doing while they play. I guarantee their answer is something like, “working out,” “getting fit,” or “becoming really sweaty…ew.”


Although Katie’s time here was short, she made a profound impact on the studio. She helped transform an ordinary place into something sacred.  The joy Katie brought all of us is present every day in the form of laughter and the many smiles our kids exhibit at Katie Kare while their parents work out.

Rest assured, Katie’s family can take pride and happiness that she is far from forgotten and her legacy will live on forever.


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