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  NY’s Resolutions:   Checking  In 


You enjoyed the holidays, maybe a little too much.  2017 will be different, you promise yourself.  You will meal plan, exercise 5 days a week and get plenty of sleep.  Early January, you are on track and rolling strong.  But by early February, the excitement and sense of urgency start to fade.  Real life obligations kick in.  Meal planning takes the occasional back seat to carpooling.  That fourth and fifth day of exercise fall to the bottom of the ever-present to do list.  And this year’s omnipresent cloud cover helps nothing!  Sigh.  It’s time to take stock and recommit.   Nothing changes, if nothing changes.  (Insert frustrated emoji face here. Lol.)


*   A good morning can set the tone for your entire day.  Start the day strong – lots of water and some good fuel, um, I mean food.  And why not throw in a little stretching and deep breathing before your feet even hit the ground?  You’ll be surprised at how it can help.


*  Streaking.  Until recently I thought it meant running naked in public.  But my teenager tells me that it is an unbroken chain of Snap Chats.  Why not start a streak of your own?  Drink 16 oz. of water first thing every morning?  Take the dog for a good walk every day?  Run the stairs of your home 10 times each day?  Stop eating after 7 pm?  And keep track of it!  Give yourself a gold star for every day in your streak – how long can you keep it going…?


*  Add something in!   We often focus on restricting ourselves, how about adding quality nutrition?  Fruits, vegetables, lean protein.  Fish. Try a new recipe, a new fruit, a new something healthy every week.   Delish.com and Pinterest are great sources of inspiration and recipes.


*  Revisit your “why”.  Daily.  I mean it.  What keeps you pushing when you want to quit?  Remind yourself of that next time you want to skip Spin or TRX.  It can be your new mantra.


The staff at FITT-RX wants you to reach your health and fitness goals.  We are here to help, and occasionally deliver a good ass-kicking workout.  Here’s to keeping those resolutions.


–Stacy Krueger, Trainer and Instructor at FITT-RX



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