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So ask yourself this, what is it you truly exercise for? Do you have goals– whether they are aesthetic or strength goals? Or do you do it for you? For the rush and feeling of euphoria after a long run or workout? I can attest that I am truly addicted to that euphoric high powering feeling of invincibility that comes with working out. We all have heard the term “Runner’s High” which takes place with runners after a prolonged period of time.  This high feeling is produced by Endorphins which is a small chemical released from the brain known as the pituitary gland. So you might ask what Endorphins do for us and how are they relevant to exercise? They help boost our mood, relieve stress and also enhance our immune system.


Endorphins help us put our body at a “natural high” which creates a feeling of euphoria, pleasure and happiness. When they bind to receptors in the brain, they inhibit the release of GABA resulting in an excess of dopamine production; Dopamine, like Endorphins stimulates the brain to feel pleasure. Stress is something that we can’t escape, but luckily when we produce more endorphin activity in our brain that helps make us feel more relaxed from reducing the hormone that produces stress.


It is proven that the release of endorphins benefits our mind and body in many different ways. We all get caught up thinking working out only consists of lifting weights. WRONG!  There are many different ways one can workout. You don’t necessarily have to go to a gym in order to workout. Do what works for you and more importantly makes you HAPPY.  Whether its walking, running, swimming, boot camp classes, boxing and even yoga. As long as you are moving the body, you are exercising!


Find out what works for YOU and what YOU enjoy. We are more likely to stick with something that we genuinely enjoy. “Be kind to yourself, exercise should make you feel healthy and happy it shouldn’t be a chore, and it shouldn’t stress or strain you” Jim Rohn.


–Danny Skelly, Certified Personal Trainer at FITT-RX

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