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Meet Kevin Morrissey

What brought you to FITT-RX in 2016?
My cousin, Rob and Katie Martinelli kept talking about this fitness class they were doing. Prior to that, I was a member at another gym and I tried a few classes with my wife, Joanna, and hated it. I felt like I was in good shape just running, swimming and lifting, but wanted to have a challenge. My first class was a Tabata class, and I was sure that it would be my final 30 minutes of life. I could not do a burpee, which was depressing. After that, I just figured that I was uncomfortable and full of anger and ill will towards the trainers, which is what told me it was a good place to be.

Have you noticed any physical changes since joining the studio?
I think increased energy and abilities. I did drop about 18 pounds and have been able to keep it off which has been nice. I think to be able to complete exercises and still challenge myself is what I notice the most. I am able to do burpees so I guess that is progress and positive changes from my first class.
Who is your fitness idol?
I like the Rock. I follow him on the internet and he has a very solid philosophy about what fitness does for him. In all seriousness, a lot of my idols work out next to me. I see what some of the other members and trainers have done and it inspires me. From weight loss to competitions, races, triathlons, and the dedication that you see when we all together makes me proud to be part of this community.
Any memorable moments at FITT-RX?
This is a loaded question, you know what it is. I threw up during a class that Antonette was torturing me, I mean, leading the class. So that was definitely memorable. Also, I won a dudes’ workout party, and we ended doing beer chugs with working out. I would not recommend that, but drinking beer immediately after working out is fun. Finally, my favorite part of working out at FITT is the Saturday morning class. It’s challenging and builds confidence. If you can work out and get chastised by trainers and other members alike, you really have something.
What is your favorite exercise?
TRX suspended lunges with a bicep curl, or TRX pull-ups, or TRX pikes. No Kettlebell swings!
What is your least favorite exercise?
The stupid ones the trainers make us do so they can laugh at us. Star jumps, donkey kicks, and one leg in the TRX side burpee things. Those are all stupid exercises that have absolutely no benefit to us, but you sick bastards make us do them so you can laugh.
Why do you wear a sweatband when you have hair?
Last year I shaved my head and beard for a fundraiser through the school I teach at, and after my first workout, I was more drenched than usual. I am a sweater, like a lot, always, no matter what. Any who, I brought a white cut off sleeve to wear next class, and apparently, I looked like I had a head wound so I was given a head band. I like the look, and its function. I think everyone should wear them. There are so many options and are quite fashionable. I look good in them so I continue to wear them.
Any tips for other men who are hesitant to join “group fitness” classes?
Take a shot, and give yourself time to get used to the class. Try different ones so you don’t get bored. Go with a friend, or friends, and make it social so it’s a bit of fun. Be aware that a few members at FITT can be a tad aggressive with their commentary 😉

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