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Kristin Morrow and Family
You recently lost a fair amount of weight (dang girl!). What changes have you made to your lifestyle?
So…here’s what happened. Starting last June, I completely fell off the wagon. Summer fun lead to fall fun which lead to holiday cheer. At 43 my metabolism had tanked a bit, I was eating it all, and really cut back on my workouts. In January I’d officially “outgrown” my winter parka and wedding rings and was at ROCK BOTTOM. I rolled back to my workout home of 5 years, FITT, and joined in the Honest Weigh Nutrition program and committed to at least 5 workouts per week. At my nutrition intake I had to face the scale. Up 16 pounds. I couldn’t believe how bad it had gotten. Flash forward to today: I’m down 14 pounds, my energy level is crazy, and I’m 2 pounds away from my goal. I devoted myself to FITT, combined with a nutrition program, and it worked.
As you approach your 5 year anniversary at FITT-RX, what was your most frustrating struggle along your journey and how did you break from this?
I can’t believe I’m approaching my 5 year “Fitt-a-versary”. I’ll never forget showing up with Charlotte at 6 weeks old (She’s is headed to Kindergarten!) ready to make a change. From the beginning I felt so much support from everyone: trainers and fellow clients who are now friends.
What are a few of your favorite classes at FITT-RX? 
I’m a huge circuit fan-love Bridget and Amy. I have a love/hate with Spinlates. I hate the bike, but wow, what a workout. Sometimes I swear at Stacy under my breath. Don’t tell her.
As Co-President of No Frills in Elmhurst, how has your partnership with FITT-RX benefited your foundation?
It has been an absolute pleasure to partner No Frills with FITT-RX over the years. On year one, when everyone thought we were NUTS, FITT was writing us checks.  The generosity of FITT, along with the motivated clients, helps No Frills raise tons of money for an Elmhurst family who needs it. In fact, we’ve raised over $290,000.
What inspires you the most about other clients at the studio?
It really is like a family. Everyone is so supportive. There are so many varying degrees and fitness levels, and everyone is super encouraging.
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