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Change is Good

Throughout my entire life, I have embraced change and have taken opportunities I quite honestly thought I never would do.  What happened in my life for me to be open to change?  Was I born with it, or maybe it was something my parents had something to do with?  Nature?  Nurture?  It probably has a little bit to do with both.

I’ve always been extremely outgoing and love a good adventure.  Both of my grandparents owned farms, and I spent a great deal of time outside exploring little corners and taking in what my own home didn’t offer.  I also loved getting dirty!  I played with the animals, shimmied up into the hay lofts, or just aimlessly walked around with no agenda.  At home, we built crazy snow tunnels, hit shags (golf balls) in our yard, mowed the grass on dad’s riding lawn mower starting at young age of 10, or hiked the trails at different parks we visited.  I don’t remember my mom or dad yelling at me to go outside to play.  Ever.  They may have a different take of that statement.  We shall see!

I owe a big part of my independence to my parents which comes the nurture part.  I spent a great deal of my summers going to week long girl scout camps or sports camps alone.  I never asked if I could go with a friend.  We just drove up with my suitcase, sleeping bag, and pillow and they dropped me off for me to fend for myself.  I met new people all of the time; and I loved it.

This bit of background about me probably explains a lot as to why I’m so laid back, care-free, and can pretty much talk to anyone.  Just ask my kids and husband.  We can barely walk through downtown Elmhurst without stopping to talk to someone.  I’ll hear one of my kids say, “Mom stop chit chatting”, or “C’mon, mom, you ALWAYS do this to us!”  My own mother is the exact same way, and I can remember saying my legs hurt from standing, or I’d go find a place to sit down and wait for her to be finished.

Because of my openness to change, I have been able to dive in and do things I felt uncomfortable doing.  I challenged myself.  And I thank my lucky stars for everything that life has thrown in front of me.

Now I guess, I should tie this in with fitness specifically, but honestly, it’s so easy to do that.  Trying new things can be hard, but I don’t know anyone who regretted trying something new.  As the great Wayne Gretzky put it, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  With that said, if you haven’t tried a spin class, try it.  If you haven’t crossed a TRX strap yet, cross it.  Yoga?  Why not!  As trainers and fitness instructors we hear quite a bit that potential clients need to get in shape first before coming into take classes or personal train.  It’s quite the contrary!  We can modify workouts, and even better, one of our fantastic trainers, Megan, has her Intro to FITTness coming up soon!  The session starts on Monday, April 3rd from 6:45-7:15pm.  Check out our website and click on the events tab.  www.fitt60126.com

Now go out and challenge yourself.  Don’t hesitate and just do it!

Submitted By:  Jill Giorno, trainer and instructor at FITT-RX

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