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Don’t lie…you talk to yourself all day long. We all do. Some of us even do it out loud. Some of us even answer out loud. Those daily, constant conversations are the most important, powerful, persuasive conversations we will ever have. If we are not mindful, those quiet conversations can be our most destructive. However if managed and altered, these important conversations can positively frame our day, change our self-perception and encourage our best.

A self-conversation full of gratitude is the best way to frame your day with positive energy. I realize that I sound like a woman who grew up on ‘Oprah”, but it works. Today it was a cold, rainy day. I did not want to go to the gym. I mean I really tried to think of every excuse to skip. I knew I had to change my conversation if I was going to get myself there. I had to be grateful that I have a healthy body. I had to feel lucky to have a gym full of really good people. And I knew I would be so thankful when it was over and I finished it!! That feeling of gratitude got me to the gym. But the best part, was that feeling of pride, accomplishment and rock star stayed with me the whole day.

In order to frame your day with positive energy, you need to start with a kinder conversation with yourself. “Oh my goodness, look at that flab. “Girl, those wrinkles are horrible.” “You ate way too many chips last night.” We shame ourselves for our smallest imperfections. And I really believe that shame is the heaviest, worst emotion any person can carry. I always ask moms if they would want their kids looking in the mirrors saying all these horrible things to themselves. I always get NO! So change the conversation. Look at your strength. Remember those glorious summer days that earned those wrinkles. Giggle about the friend who shared in those chips and salsa (or bottle of wine). Do you think Beyonce, or Jillian Michaels or Serena Williams are sitting around complaining that they are fat? No way!

Self-shaming conversations can prevent us from realizing our full potential. Once we have created a positive conversation about ourselves and framed our day, we are opening ourselves to our true greatness. I really believe that we are not just what we eat. We are who we think. If you tell your self that you are weak and out of shape… guess what, you will stay that way. No matter how much one of your trainers tells you otherwise, you will never push to your full potential with that mindset. Even the best trainer can’t be louder than your own voice all the time. If you tell yourself that you are strong and capable and determined, there really is no one else to argue with you. No conversation is more important, powerful, and influential than the one going on in your head right now.

This morning as I look in the mirror, I channel my inner Beyonce to start the day “You are a rock star.” (in my mismatched pajamas, coffee breath and not cute messy bun).


–Submitted by FITT-RX’s Dancing Queen, Kristin Rozmus

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