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Farewell to Our Favorite “Storm”
By Stacy Krueger

Goodbyes just suck. So rather than get all mushy (or in this case, bloggy), I rounded up some of our trainers’ and clients’ thoughts about our favorite 5-foot wonder and wanted to share them with you all to celebrate a great chapter in FiTT -Rx history.

In gathering these comments about Miss Carrie, a theme quickly emerged – energy, passion and friendship – and her impact on us extends well past the gym walls. Take a look ……

“Psychotic blonde who brings you to the brink of puking during each of her workouts.” Jen Knuth

“I will miss the times we sat on your couch with a bottle of wine watching dance videos. It meant a lot to me. Can’t wait to hit a Minnesota game with you!” Antonette Carfagnini

“It has been a blast to work out alongside Carrie, and I look forward to seeing her vivacious, positive personality each day! Even if she is not teaching the class I’m

doing but rather working one on one with a client, her energy is amazing and felt throughout the whole building…I’m so fortunate to have crossed paths with Carrie even if for just a short time. “ Coley Pawlikowski

“She can do ANYTHING, except Roger Rabbit!” K Roz (aka The Legend)

“Say Carrie Brasser’s name at FiTT and the almost universal first comment must be BURPEES! Yep, this girl loves her burpees, maybe because she is so low to the ground to start??? No Brasser class is complete without burpees: two-legged, one-legged, lateral hop, man-makers …you name it, she’s done the variation and encouraged you to do it too! “ Anonymous

“The one thing I think of about Carrie (other than I know of no one who despises Trump more) is the obvious observation that she’s like the Energizer Bunny and the Road Runner: she seems to have boundless energy (like the bunny) and I swear you can’t see her legs and arms when she is doing high knees (like when the RR zips along). I also admire her so much for putting her money (or more specifically her efforts) where her mouth is: assisting refugees, being politically involved, speaking her truth. I admire her strong convictions for which she is so willing to stand up for!” Nicole Braun

“We should all aspire to be more like Carrie.” Kate Foley

“She’s a maniac on the dance floor! We will miss busting a move with you!” The Chois

And my own thoughts? Our huge loss is Minneapolis’ tremendous gain. We’ll miss you, Brasser. Keep up the good work! xo

PS – if you’d like to add your thoughts about our resident Energizer Bunny, leave them in the comments below!

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