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I can’t think of anything I hate more in my life than being injured.  (Well, I can think of one thing, but that’s for another blog.)  And specifically, being injured badly enough that there is truly no lower body exercise you can do for roughly 6-8 weeks is my own personal hell.   Whatever did I do to plunge myself into this diabolical dystopia, you ask?? Well, I gave myself a grade two tear to the hamstring 3 weeks ago, performing a roundhouse kick.  (Yes, I did it to myself, as much as I want to blame Jen, a.k.a the Karate Kid, because I was trying to kick as high as her, forgetting that she’s about eight inches taller than me….)  I knew, the second it happened, that it was not good.  The double pop that ensued not only served to send a jolt of searing pain through my leg, but was even audible to those around me.  (Right Sarah Jensen?)

So, long story short, no spinning, running, squatting, lunging, jumping, kicking or BURPEEING for me for many, many weeks…Which begs the question:  how in God’s name am I going to survive?!? Short answer:  pull-ups, push-ups and wine. In that order.  There is no question that I will not be able to do the kind of cardio or the kind of workouts that I am used to doing, but I have to remember, MY LEG NEEDS TO HEAL.  IF I TRY TO DO TOO MUCH TOO SOON I WILL ONLY MAKE IT WORSE AND WILL BE OUT FOR LONGER. (Can you tell this is a mantra that I have to repeatedly and forcefully tell myself, lest I sneak in JUST ONE burpee, or just one squat, and I’m back to square one?)  For some people (and I honestly think this is pure genetics – you either got this crazy gene or you don’t), it’s not hard to throw yourself into a grueling workout, and give that workout 1000%, and it’s not hard to maintain a consistent workout schedule.  Indeed, your very sanity depends on keeping this consistent schedule, and getting in those balls-to-the-wall workouts that leave you shaking and wilted when you’re done. But for others, it is the exact opposite – getting to the gym is a constant struggle and making it through those workouts when you truly think you are going to die is the absolute hardest thing you do all day. I would guess that FITT-RX boasts more of the former than the latter as clients, but nonetheless, we all know the importance of getting it done, and we all feel better when it’s over. I always tell people – you never regret your workout when it’s over, but you certainly regret it if you didn’t do the workout at all.  So where am I going with this? Good question – this stream-of-consciousness style that blog writing allows can really set you off on a tangent….Oh yeah, I’m talking to those who lean more to the crazy side of workout-land, like me:  listen to your body and when it says stop, STOP! Focus on what you CAN do.  For me, I can do push ups, pull-ups, rows, shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions, sit-ups, and I can PUNCH. And yes, I can drink wine too, which certainly helps. Remember when Antonette broke her finger? She could still squat, lunge, and run with the best of ’em, and indeed she did.  You just find what you can do, even if, for you, it pales in comparison to your normal routine.  Tell yourself – because it’s true – that something is better than nothing, and you just need to heal.  And the same thing is true for those on the other end of the crazy spectrum who may face injuries:  an injury is not an excuse to just check-out, lay back on the couch and watch soap operas and eat bonbons  – something is better than nothing, and unless you are strapped down to a hospital bed, find that something and do it!! And know that eventually, that something will be lots of things, and you will be back to your beastly self.
Written By:  Carrie Brasser, Certified Personal Trainer
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