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Exercise as Sanity!

As we journey through life the various tasks and obligations tend to creep in slowly and they force out the other ‘less important’ activities that we enjoy and also need.  I like to relax and exercise and make time to meditate but its tempting to put those things off so I can the more important things done.  But this is a lie.  The so-called more important things are not always more important.  In fact, I find that if I only do those things that society or the odd workings of my own brain and expectations say matter,  I actually under-perform and more quickly wear myself out.
Have you heard the about the latest research surrounding multi-tasking?  Apparently for 99% of us it doesn’t work.  We THINK we are getting more done when we multi task, but we are actually hurting ourselves and the quality of our performance suffers tremendously.  Our brains are not so powerful after all; we need to focus on a singular task instead of trying to cram more in.  And this is where exercise fits in.  I do better, feel better and thrive as a person when I stop trying to do too much (and all of it all at once) and instead make time to run, lift weights, take a class, walk, bike and simply be in the world.
Let me encourage you to stop the cycle of busyness and suggest that is precisely when you feel that you do not have time to get to the gym or go on your run that you must!  That is exactly the time to exercise; when you don’t have the time. Your sanity and peace will be restored and those things that you thought you needed to do will get done more effectively and with greater joy if you take the time to do those greater things that empower and fulfill you to be whole.
Stay well!
Matthew Pechanio, FITT-RX Trainer and Instructor
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