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Now that it’s warming up, we all finally leave the cocoon of our homes and venture to the outdoors. Summer is filled with all kinds of activities and events that contribute to our enjoyment of the beautiful Chicago weather.  A common theme for summer activities is charity rides and races.  I would say that these events are why I look forward to summer the most, not only because I get to do these things with friends, but mostly because I get to be a small part of something good.  Something that helps others in some way. Team FITT participates in a bike ride benefiting the American Lung Association every year, who’s proceeds go toward curing lung disease.  We have ridden in 95 degree weather, 25 mph headwinds, driving rain and hills, (lord the hills!), all so we can raise money to help those that need it, and it’s totally worth it.  I encourage you to give some of your time this summer to helping others and get the family involved.  Team FITT is always looking for more riders and definitely looking for supporters. Whatever you do this summer, make it good.  Make it challenging and worth it.


–Lindsay Forsberg, FITT-RX Trainer and Instructor

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