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About a year and half ago, Jen Knuth stopped me as I was coming back in from a run around the block during a FITT-RX class to let me know that I had “won the raffle.” I barely remembered that I had entered a raffle and had no idea what I had won. When she told me it was half marathon training, during the winter I believe my response was, “that’s a prize?” I was not a runner and questioned whether I could run a 5k, let alone a half marathon, in the winter. I was pretty sure there was no way that I’d be capable of actually completing a half marathon but the goal race was the No Frills Fun Run and I was all for giving it a try for the cause (and I knew that there was also a 10k option). I showed up to Fleet Feet Sports on the first day of Winter Warrior training looking like a deer in headlights. Katie Bryk, CES Elmhurst’s Head Coach, came up and introduced herself and said “I heard you workout at FITT-RX, you’ll be fine.” I thought she had lost her mind but she was right. I had been taking classes at FITT-RX for about a year at that point and I was amazed at how three classes a week had given me the strength and endurance to go from not running more than a block to running my first half marathon. I finished the 2016 No Frills Fun Run in under 2:00 hours. During Winter Warriors, we had to commit to a running New Year’s resolution. “Write that you’ll do the marathon.” I wrote it down to humor the coaches but had no intention of actually doing it. Those “runners” can be quite persuasive. After another year of running and cross-training, I successfully completed the Chicago Marathon in 2016, as well as 5 half marathons, and a handful of 10ks and 5ks along the way. There is no way I could have stayed healthy and continued to PR without the cross-training and sanity that FITT-RX and it’s community provided me. I was a cross-trainer that was completely intimidated about entering the running world. Runners — our schedules encourage cross training twice a week. Give FITT-RX a try. The classes, trainers and other people working out are amazing! Circuit Interval is my favorite class, especially during the spring and summer when we can be outside!

I’m currently 7 weeks into training for marathon #2. I am confident that the trainers and classes at FITT will help me get to race day healthy and ready to crush another 26.2!

–Jenni Stull

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